Video Submission

EAUN Video Presentations by Nurses

Share your experience with visuals

The EAUN invites urology nurses and other professionals eligible to EAUN membership to submit a video or photo presentation on one distinct feature or innovative nursing practice. Think about voluntary work experiences or new projects.  The selected videos will be presented at the 17th EAUN Meeting.

Don’t miss such a unique opportunity!


New format for sharing your experience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos must be worth a tenfold of that. Videos are a much more captivating experience and are becoming more and more the new standard when it comes to sharing knowledge. For the EAUN meeting in Munich we start with a new format for the video presentations. We would like to challenge you to create a 10-minute video presentation accompanied by an abstract of what you are doing and which you believe should be shared with us. We are looking for a well-presented narrative or experience that made a positive difference in one’s practice.

Submission Criteria and Rules

  • The presenter of the ‘Video Presentation’ must be a registered nurse or qualify for EAUN membership
  • The topic selected must be of relevance to urology nursing
  • The project is described in a video or with photos in a PowerPoint presentation (10 min video or presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion)
  • Videos if possible should be in English, but other languages will be accepted if the video has English subtitles
  • Presentation will be in English
  • Videos submitted for the 31st EAU Congress may also be submitted for the 17th EAUN meeting, provided they are submitted with a relevant new title and presented by a nurse.
  • Should patients or staff be visible or audible in the video or PowerPoint, then please make sure to fill out a (patient/staff) consent form and follow the guidelines of the ethics committee of your hospital or institution.

How to Submit

  • Please submit your video presentation through the online abstract submission system
  • Please make sure to click on the button for the 17th EAUN Meeting and not the button of the 31st Annual EAU Congress, otherwise your abstract will be reviewed to be presented at the 31st EAU Congress.
  • After including the abstract describing the content of the video, you are invited to upload the video.
  • PowerPoint presentations can be submitted by e-mail to Ms. Van IJzendoorn, at

Submission Deadline

  • Submission deadline: 1 December 2015.
  • All presenters will be informed by email on: 21 December 2015.

Free registration

The selected presenters will receive a free 3-day registration for the 17th International  EAUN Meeting, 12-14 March 2016, Munich, Germany.

Background of ‘EAUN Video Presentations by Nurses’

The transition from the “Inside the Body” session to “By Nurses, for Nurses” is not something the EAUN Scientific Committee can build on their own. It is your contribution that will be “building the new” and setting a path that others will choose to follow and emulate.

We put forward a challenge to all urology nurses: Why not splice together a 10-minute video presentation of what you are doing and which you believe should be shared with us? We are looking for a well-presented narrative or experience that made a positive difference in one’s practice. It may not even be a video after all but a collage of photos documenting a process that has one fundamental feature – innovative nursing practice.

All visual contributions will be evaluated by the Scientific Congress Office. The most interesting presentations will be presented by the submitter and discussed with the audience in the Video Session ‘By Nurses, for Nurses’ at the 17th International EAUN Meeting in Munich on Sunday, 13 March.


We invite you to describe a particular work or event, for example a voluntary work experience or new project, using video, a compilation of photos or a mixture of both. This can be a surgical video from both internal as well as external projects, but it must be described from a urological nursing point of view.


  • Some urology nurses have served in far-away countries and that’s not something we often see. Why not present your experiences?
  • Very few know that there are highly competent nurses who have earned specific tasks as key Da Vinci team members. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change during a nursing meeting to see the preparations specifically performed by a nurse first assistant specialised in robotic surgery?
  • Is there anyone out there who has experienced and documented urology nursing being upheld during difficult circumstances such as a national emergency or even in conflict conditions? Such presentations give out a strong message of hope and testament to the stamina of many of our colleagues.
  • Or has your department or clinic started up a project that greatly benefitted your patients and can your show this project with a video?