Guidelines presentation: Male external catheters in adults

Thematic Session 5

  • Location:
    Room 4
  • Chair:
     S. Vahr Lauridsen, Copenhagen (DK)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This session will highlight the scientific basis for this up-dated guideline. Nursing interventions related to the use and observation of the male external catheter will be presented as well as the perspective of a spinal cord injured man using male external catheters for several years.
    EAUN Guidelines can be downloaded from:
    The new guideline is available from 13 March 2014.

State-of-the-art lecture Development of the new guideline
 S. Vahr Lauridsen, Copenhagen (DK)
State-of-the-art lecture Male external catheter: In daily practice and evidence for nursing
 J.G.L. Cobussen-Boekhorst, Nijmegen (NL)
State-of-the-art lecture Living life following spinal injury: A patient’s lived experience
 B. Jost, Hirschberg (DE)