Difficult Case Submission

The EAUN invites urology nurses and other professionals eligible to EAUN membership to submit an abstract, a difficult case or a research plan on a topic relevant to urology, continence nursing or a related field.

Don’t miss such a unique opportunity!!

Difficult Case submission for the 17th International EAUN Meeting, Munich, Germany, 12-14 March 2016, is open from 1 July 2015 – 1 December 2015 (0.00 hour).

Note: Difficult Cases for this session are not restricted to solved cases. Also interesting not solved Difficult Urological Nursing Cases are welcome.

Free registration for the 17th EAUN Meeting in Munich

Those who submitted the 10 best cases (as decided by the jury) will be granted a free registration for the 17th International EAUN Meeting in Munich and will be invited to present their case in 10 minutes during a workshop.

Free EAUN Membership for one year

All submitters of Difficult Cases that meet the criteria and are not yet an EAUN member will be granted free membership of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN) for one year.

Background of the project “Nursing Solutions in Difficult Cases”

At the International EAUN Meeting in Milan (2008) some delegates indicated that there is a need for information on nursing practice in atypical (difficult) cases. The EAUN Board decided to dedicate a special workshop to this topic.

This is where we need your help. If you are among those who encounter problems in daily nursing practice and have found your own solutions, we would like to invite you to take a few photos and write a standard protocol. You can download a form with a list of standard questions (see point 6 under Submission Criteria and Rules). The form should include a description of the problem, the nursing intervention provided, the material you have chosen to help the patient and the final results.

Together with the EAUN you will share and pass on this knowledge to other nurses. The 5 best cases are presented by the authors and discussed with the audience in a special session at the 17th International EAUN Meeting in Munich. The EAUN will place the material on her website as a unique opportunity to learn from each other. All submissions that meet the criteria will be published on the EAUN website and in European Urology Today.

Jury Difficult Cases

The cases will be evaluated by an expert jury. Jury members are:

  • Ronny Pieters, Ghent, Belgium (Urology Nurse)
  • Eva Wallace, Dublin, Ireland (Urology Nurse)
  • Helen Forristal, Dublin, Ireland (Urology Nurse Practitioner, sub-specialisation in uro-oncology)
  • Steen Walter, Odese, Denmark (Professor in Urology)
  • Stephane Leborgne, France (Research Nurse in Urology)